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Track Listing for The Blue Canyon Boys

1. Roll Muddy River
2. One Lonely Thought of You
3. The Road to Westcliffe
4. Wake Up, The Party’s Over
5. Riding On That              Northbound Train
6. Get Down On Your       Knees and Pray
7. Just an Old Dirt Road
8. Time
9. Old George’s Repent
10. This Heart of Mine
11. Shinjuku Station
12. There Goes My Love
13. Born to Be With You

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Blue Canyon Boys
Blue Canyon Boys at the Wildflower

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Gary Dark, Mandolin

Kentucky native Gary Dark plays the mandolin and contributes many original songs to the band. His amazing tenor singing puts the “high” in the band’s high lonesome sound. Gary’s soaring voice often elicits enthusiastic responses from audiences, and his unique and high-speed mandolin style adds to the musical excitement.

Guitarist Jason Hicks also writes material for the band, and his interest in pioneering guitarists such as Don Reno and Norman Blake has helped him develop a style that draws from the raw emotional energy of the past. Jason’s knowledge about the early pioneers of bluegrass guitar landed him a feature article in Flatpicking Guitar magazine, for which he has also appeared as a guest columnist. Jason’s unique vocal style plays a key role in the Blue Canyon Boys’ sound.

Jason Hicks, Guitar
Drew Garrett, Bass

Drew Garrett slaps a mean bass and sings baritone vocals with the band. His credits include the innovative and award winning 80’s newgrass band “Danger In The Air, whose members went on to play with bands such as Dixie Chicks and The John Jorgenson Quintet. Drew also recorded and toured with Domestic Science Club (Discovery/Elektra Records).

Banjo wizard Chris Roszell moved from North Carolina to Denver in the summer of 2017 to plug into the Colorado music scene. In NC, he was a member of Big Fat Gap – an enthusiastically local bluegrass band that served as the training ground for future bluegrass stars, including members of Leftover Salmon, John Stickley Trio, Town Mountain, Mandolin Orange, and others. Wielding his banjo, Chris Roszell plays more notes than any other member of the Blue Canyon Boys.

Chris Roszell, Banjo

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